Disecto - Paradigm Shifting Data Security

Software Development Engineer • Apr, 2022 — Present

  • Took complete engineering ownership to design, develop and lead the team of 6 interns to build out a new product line Data Loss Prevention Application (DLP) from scratch.
  • Developed Nodes for Windows using Python and Win32 API to monitor File System Activity and log it realtime to the server using WebSocket API.
  • Added feature to remotely create, read, update and delete files on any connected Windows node in realtime from the Web App.
  • Added feature to view the Windows Node File System Tree on the Web App.
  • Added 2FA for secure user authentication system.
  • Tech Stack - React, Django, WebSocket API, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ, Nginx, Docker, Win32 API

Disecto - Paradigm Shifting Data Security

Software Developer Intern • Dec, 2021 — Mar, 2022

  • Built highly secured APIs in TypeScript & Node.js for Careers Portal with Two Factor Authentication (2FA) proxied behind OpenVPN for internal use remotely.
  • Increased protection by 99% from reverse engineering attempts by Obfuscating Python source code using Pyarmor and compiled it to native binaries with Cython.
  • Containerized a massive unstructured data search application for development and production environments with various containers including Postgres, Nginx and Elastic Search.
  • Tech Stack - React, Django, PostgreSQL, Docker

Argonaut - Automate Cloud Deployments

Frontend Developer Intern • Mar, 2021 — Apr, 2021

  • Built various reusable components like Web Based Terminal, Tables and more for Reactjs and Nextjs applications using TypeScript.
  • Tech Stack - React, Next.js, GraphQL, MongoDB, Docker


Founder & Primary Developer • 2021 — Present

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Developer • Jan, 2021 — Feb, 2021

DigiKey is an all-in-one payment processing and e-commerce solution. Accept payments, sell digital keys from your own and more, do it all with a single platform.


Achieved 80K Traffic on Dogefiles in first 5 months (Personal Project)

3rd Prize in Hackathon hosted by API Hacks


Programming Languages

JavaScript, TypeScript, Java & Python


  • Frontend - React.js, Next.js & Tailwind
  • Backend - Express.js (Node.js), Django, Redis, PostgreSQL & MongoDB
  • DevOps - AWS, Docker & Kubernetes
  • Tools - Git, Postman, VSCode, Swagger


English, Hindi & Punjabi


Chandigarh Group of Colleges, Landran

Bachelor of Commerce • 2020

Courses - Micro & Macro Economics, Financial Accounting, Income Tax Laws and Statistics